After a year enjoying the presence of my WWW-site on St.Boniface I decided it could use a new dressing. So I began making a new site. Again it became a mix of WWW-reproduction and original-reproduction (conventional media made digital) for the basis and my presence by presenting it to you.
The site contains more pictures than before. It's an improvement as far as I'm concerned. It gives the site a more attractive appearence, it's easier to read. There's also the esthetical aspect to pictures. Some of them are really beautifull
The transferspeed (the time it gets for you to download the relevant files from my site) should have been improven because I dramatically reduced the size of the files. This is also the reason why I reduced the size of the pictures sometimes more then 75%. In due time I will make a ftp-site so you can download the pictures in full size.
You can find also a few new pieces of information. To name just one: 'Brother Boniface', who bakes cakes and writes books about it. That's what I like about the WWW, it shows by giving small and great the richness of our culture.
Well. Enough of this meta-talk. Go to the real thing!

Marten Teitsma